Impress 8.0.7 is released

23 June 2021

What's new

Added filters:

  • Low pass / high pass / band pass / band reject (Frequency) filter (all with Gaussian, Butterworth and Ideal implementations)
  • Wiener noise reduction filter
  • RGB color correction filter.

Added filter implementations:

  • Box convolution implementation of the Average noise reduction filter.
  • Threshold implementation for the Median filter, which only applies the local median value, if the original pixel value deviates more than the set threshold value.
  • Custom implementation of the grey scale conversion filter, allowing manual adjustment of the individual weights of the red, green and blue color channels.
  • Wiener1D/2D implementation of the General Deblur filter, with a one/two dimensional Gaussian deblur kernel.
  • Box implementation of the Temporal Smoothing filter.

Added features / options:

  • Automatic report option added, which enables generation of user specified report type (PDF, HTML or DOCX) at file import or creation.
  • Still images recording mode added, to save all frames from a video file into individual images in a separate folder.
  • Switch between single precision float and double precision float pixel types for calculation on both CPU and GPU to manually balance speed and precision.
  • Color modes All (all channels individually) and ColorOnly added to all deblur filters.

What's improved

  • We have changed the way our hashing is converted to string. It will now fit the format most other software utilities use.
  • The underlying platform of the software has been upgraded to the latest version. This will have a positive impact on overall performance.
  • The way calculated hashes are transformed to text. It will now fit most common hashing programs.
  • The orientation of JPEG files is automatically reviewed and rotated if necessary.
  • Replacement of the methods for extracting metadata with three open source tools: MediaInfo, ExifTool and FFProbe. These tools get more, and more relevant, metadata from the file.

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