Impress is released

26 January 2024

We are very happy to announce a New Release of Impress!

What’s new since

  • CUDA accelerated version of the Hybrid deblock filter. (Also speed and implementation improvements have been made to the CPU variant of the filter.)
    • Version 12.3 of the CUDA Toolkit is now used. (Download and install it from our User Portal or Nvidia if you want to us it.)
  • New basic instructions and tips in bottom right section of filter detail windows. 
  • New buttons to the status bar to inform and easily control through popup windows:
    • Internal pixel format.
    • Render engine.
    • Accelerator used.

Screenshot: 3 Status Bar controls opened.

What is improved

  • System Feedback
    • When removing key frames, one has to confirm to protect the work of setting the key frame positions.
    • Warning added, if certain hotkeys are selected for keyboard settings that cause focus problems.
    • Error messages are added if wrong or double hotkey settings are selected.
  • System Performance
    • Speed and implementation improvements of CPU Hybrid deblock filter.
  • System General Feature Expansion
    • Adding statistics to pipet tools Squash, and Equal Luminance and colour.
    • In Spline mode the shape stays stationary before the first and after the last key frame position.
  • Visual updates
    • Adding icons to all main menu items and detail window for better recognizability.
  • User Performance Facilitation
    • The ‘Open Case’ menu option now opens the case selection window versus the standard windows open dialog.
    • Deselection of annotation shapes can now be accomplished by clicking on the image canvas (the area surrounding the image).

What’s fixed

  • Fixing the hotkeys for move next and move previous. These were by default Left Arrow and Right Arrow. These default values caused focus problems when used. Now the ALT + Left Arrow and ALT + Right Arrow are the default values if not changed by user. 
  • When reloading a pipeline that contains one of the filters: Super Resolution, Stabilization, Frame Averaging or Temporal Smoothing, the video is automatically jumped back to the reference frame of the filter to avoid loading errors. To reach the final result of the previous session one has to play back to the previous location of the video file.
  • After reconnection to the current media file, needed for some settings no longer launches a blocking dialog, but an automatically closing popup window.
  • Fixing high CPU usage during idle time.
  • Fixing initialization errors of the Super Resolution filter.
  • Saving the main display subtitle settings has been fixed.
  • Recent cases menu items are available again.
  • Removing unnecessary network timeouts at application startup.

Kind regards,

Team Foclar

Download the latest version via our User Portal.

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