Impress 8.3.1 is released

06 October 2023

We are very happy to announce a New Release of Impress!

The demo GIFs on this page only loop twice; please open them in new tab to restart the demo.

What’s New since

  • Regarding annotation aesthetics:
    • Fill options: solid, highlight, blur, pixelate, deform, grey, invert.
    • Fill settings: opacity, blur size, pixelate tile size.
Annotation Shape Fill option Highlight
  • Regarding annotation usage: 
    • High lighting with background layer fill options.
    • Manual tracking of moving object and persons (using interpolation between set key frames)
    • Different methods of setting annotation key frames:
      • Implicit key frame setting when you move a annotation (see gif below).
      • Explicit via key frame navigation control above time line.
      • Explicit via annotation motion-context-menu. (see screenshot below).
    • Key frame navigation control.
    • Z-order (layer control of multiple shapes)
[Screenshot] Manual tracking of object/person of interest using Key Frames
[Gif] Setting key frames for manual annotation tracking
[Gif] Result of manual tracking using key frames.
  • Media file management
    • Export index file to JSON or XLSX/Excel.
    • Export meta data file to XLSX/Excel.
  • CUDA-framework update to 12.2.2 537.13
Exporting Metadata to Excel

What's Improved

  • Status-bar
    • Number of available input engines is displayed.
    • Total number of i-frames is displayed if applicable 
  • Annotation border can be set to zero if needed (for highlighting)
  • Zone-splitter between Mediabin and Tools panel allows you to change its space division.
  • Icons for each filter
    • For those whom it may concern: to allow for easy recognition, for every filter an icon was created. 
Outtake of the new collection of filter icons.

What is fixed

  • Removing Curves filter signal clipping for the CUDA implementation. 

Download latest version here:

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