Impress 8.2.0 is released

09 May 2023

What’s New

On this page we added some [Gifs] to demonstrate new features. (They loop twice; open in new tab to restart.)

  • New design of the Timeline UI
Screenshot with Timeline
New Timeline in Detail
  • Timeline Zone-button (4 dots) and UI settings buttons (3 dots) that allow for showing and hiding of navigation controls.
[Gif] Demonstrating the Zone-Button (of the Timeline).
  • Custom step and custom step play mode, allowing for skipping of N frames. Useful for e.g. fixed sequence multiplex videos.
[Gif] Demonstrating Custom-Step control and Custom-Step Play.
  • Avigilon conversion option added, since this input engine does not allow for high speed scrubbing.
  • Integration of main display zoom and subtitle display.
  • An extra Zoom-Button below the main display that allow control of the zoom factor.
[Gif] Demonstrating Zoom-Button and nearby Zone-button
  • Network dongle support.
  • Log Reporter added for debugging, available under tools.


Reintroducing functions from Impress version 7, that are now available in version 8:

  • The hybrid implementation of the deblock filter (for now CPU version only) now with decimal blur parameter values (in previously generation only integer values were possible).
  • Reject duplicate video selection filter, to remove unwanted clone frames.
  • The DirectShow input engine.

What's Improved

  • Main menu rearrangement, placing the most video filters under the category ‘Video’. 
  • Maximum left and right column width, adjustable by setting ‘Max Main Column’ under category ‘Interface’. Useful for wide screen monitors.
  • Media Bin items grouped by original ‘parent’ media file and the context menu (previously only accessible through right mouse click) also accessible through item 3 dots button.
  • Subtitle alignment option and copy subtitle text on mouse click are added.
  • Asking for confirmation to close the application and 'Exit' option added to main menu ‘File’.
  • Replacing icons with consistently designed set.

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