Mandet 2.1.2 is released

24 January 2023

What’s new

  • Draw legend added to PRNU chart.
  • Spanish languages support added.
  • Mandet has been migrated from the .NET 5 to the .NET6 platform.

What’s improved

  • Timeline scrubbing: instant update of the displayed image enabling a better navigation experience. (Available for most files, but for the Dahua input engine integrated file conversion is required.)
  • The DeepDetector has been updated, especially the activation map now has an improved focus area, encompassing more than contours.
  • If you select another trend, this can also be added to the report.
  • PrnuTrend can now also be added to the report.
  • Loading the first frame of a video file has been improved.
  • Starting a video file at the location of the previous session. 
  • The vertical axis of the PRNU plot are rounded correctly.
  • Warning messages have been added to warn you for expiring licenses and update licenses before that actually expire.

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