Mandet 2.0.7 is released

22 November 2021

What’s new

  • DCT detector (aligned double compression) for splicing added for JPEG images.
  • Luminance gradient filter is added.
  • Interlace test filter is added.
  • PRNU deviations video trend analyser added.
  • Summary and file layout panel added.

What’s improved

  • When opening the compare window of a filter, the last filter result is shown instantly
  • Grey scale probability display mode added to JPEG block inconsistency, JPEG Ghosts filters
  • DCT Map filter is extended with DC and AC histograms
  • DCT Map filter is extended with individual component images and histograms
  • The Inpaint filter now has the option to distinguish identical pixels and clipped (value 0 or 255) pixels
  • The gradient filter has extra display options for horizontal, vertical and diagonal first and second order derivatives.
  • Frame type indication added to main player.
  • Pixel format, length and image dimensions added to status bar.
  • Hashes added to PRNU report.
  • Warning added on report close, to avoid unwanted deletion of reports.
  • Parameter graphs (line plots and histograms) added to reports.

What’s fixed

  • Warning if a maximum number of items are added to a report to avoid memory exceptions.
  • Switching settings tab caused the ‘root’ setting to disappear. This has been resolved.

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