Mandet 2.1.6 is released

30 May 2023

What’s new 

  • Reintroduction of the DirectShow input engine.
  • Network dongle support.
  • Log Reporter added for debugging, available under tools.
  • Squash: option added to the pipet tool panel, which maps all pixels with minimum or maximum value to red and yellow. Useful to analyse the data content of an image.
  • Levels: all pixels within a color range are mapped to cyan. Useful to analyse the data content of an image.
  • Pipet color display: the selected pixel color value is presented as color (and luminance) besides the decimal values.

What’s improved

  • Timeline control UI redesign.
  • Warning messages have been added to warn you for expiring licenses and update licenses before that actually expire.
  • In case an image does not contain a face(s), the DeepDetector indicates so instead of a general failure.
  • Media Bin item context menu (previously only accessible through right mouse click) also accessible through item 3 dots button.
  • Micro-interactions added for timeline track and thumb when mouse over.
  • Micro-interactions added for slider and scrollbar controls when mouse over.
  • Replacing icons with consistently designed set.
  • Application version number added to case selection window at startup.

What’s Fixed

  • FFMS engine can now deal with Unicode file names.
  • Unintended selection of an NVIDIA CUDA accelerator causing exceptions.
  • After cancelling the inconsistent motion trend analyser did not restart.

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