Corepro 3.0.1 released

24 January 2023

New product: Corepro 3.0.1

  • Corepro 3.0 is a new version of Corepro 1.0 stand-alone.
  • The program has options for 3D-measurement (image matrix) and Reverse Projection.
  • Video streams from IP-camera's, digital camera's and video files can be overlaid with single images or frames from video files.
  • Many options to help you align the two streams perfectly are available.
  • Mixing options like blendsubtractsplit view and wipe are available with many parameter options.
  • Corepro 3 is based on the .NET6 platform.
  • Corepro 3 is also available as integrated tool in Impress Professional! 
    It can be found in the main menu of Impress Professional under Tools.

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