CUDA integration in Mandet

Dear user,

You may use this information to determine if it is relevant for you to download the CUDA framework and enable GPU acceleration.

ℹ️ Every filter or trend analyser needs to be developed (again) to work with CUDA GPU acceleration.

Since version, Mandet has started supporting GPU acceleration for specific items listed below; all other filters or trends cannot benefit from it yet and will be processed by CPU power.

  • GPU support Mandet
    • Trend: Inconsistent Motion

If you do not use this Trend analyser(s) often, you may decide to wait. If you do use it and your system has a CUDA compatible graphics card, the trend analyser will perform faster in almost* all cases and you should install the toolkit.

(* An edge case could occur where your video card's memory is low and the media file you analyse is in resolution so big that the GPU-accelerated operations run out of GPU-memory. In that case, your CPU combined with your system larger system-RAM might be able to do the job slower but without errors. For example: 4K video file with 2-4GB video card memory and 16GB normal system RAM. This was experienced in Impress, not Mandet; shared for your information.)

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Team Foclar

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